Dan Spitzer
Dear Expert, I and some friends installed a metal roof (Everlast II) today on our simple gable-roof 30'x27' garage. We'd already torn off the old shingles and put down the proper underlayment. To my horror, now that it's all up (except for the gable rake and ridge cap) I realize we've installed it the wrong way, with the longer channel edge lapping over the shorter edge instead of the other way around. Does this necessarily negate the design of the anti-siphon channel? If so, my question is what can I do to fix it? Would it better to take a few rows of screws out and re-lap in the proper direction and risk having the panel edges exposed to the prevailing wind? Or would it be better to caulk the seams as is? Or is it absolutely necessary to undo the whole thing and start over? Furious with myself for not catching it sooner. Please advise. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Dan, I really suggest contacting Everlast. I do not feel qualified to answer questions pertaining to their product and in particular how they may interpret things like warranty coverage.
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