Installing Christmas Lights on a metal roof

Guest User
We had a metal roof inistalled last April and we love it but are having problems putting up the CHristmas lights. Any suggestons on what to use to put lights up? Thanks, Susan Egan
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would not suggest doing anything which creates a penetration in the metal itself. Depending bupon your climate, it might work to use some of the sticky putty-like stuff that is available at discount stores for hanging posters and things on walls. That is my only idea -- sorry. (Well, other than that, there might be areas on your roof where lights can be clipped --depends on your roof configuration.)
Guest User
I know its after the xmas season and the light are probably coming down now. But, for future thought would be to use magnets if you have a steel/galvanized roof (won't work if aluminum or copper) Most hobby or craft stores, and even many discount stores, carry clips or hooks with magnetic backs for use on refrigerators, etc. Just be careful not to scratch the paint finish by sliding them on the surface. Most of the magnets for this use are a "soft" ferrite material. Be sure to use enough to support the weight accordinly without movement.
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