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I've recently purchased a 1940's home with 2 floors and a third floor attic space that is to die for. It is a large open space that is suitable for game room and spare sleeping areas. The floor is nearing finished and the roof georgeous with rafters and wood planks. I've seen magazine stories where the attic ceiling was maintained and the insulation was added to the external roof (which is now shingled). Eventually, I would love to dress the roof in metal. Is there a solution??? I hope to keep the rafters, insulate the attic from the outside and finish with a metal roof. The finished attic space will be ventilated and eventually I hope to have central a/c and heat. Incidentally, when I peek through the rafters and planking, I see tar paper. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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please respond
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This can be done with metal roofing. Exact details will be based upon the metal roof system you choose, plus a lot of other details about the home. You will need to use this website to contact a metal roofing contractor or manufacturer and then work direct with them to accomplish what you desire.
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