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I have a flat (nearly) copper-panelled roof with flat seams that's leaking in a few places. It's less than four years old. There are two major issues: One, the flat soldered seams are apparently letting some water in during heavy rains, especially when leaves have accumulated up there; and two, in a moment of desperation responding to the above, some of the seams were covered with roofing cement. The question is this: Can roofing cement safely be removed to expose the seams for proper repair? Can flat seams simply be re-soldered, if that was the problem? Or is there some other fix that falls short of tearing the roof off and re-doing it? Can the old copper... just a few years old... be re-used?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Seams can be re-soldered but you must have a very clean surface first.
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