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I am building a shop that I plan to heat and cool. I set the trusses (gable end) yesterday and the truss manufacturer also included 1x4 lathing boards I plan to set on 2'centers. The shop will ultimately have a ceiling in it. What ventilation and moisture barrier concerns should I have? Is there a moisture-barrier material that goes between, under, or above the lathing, or should I just scrap the lathing and go with decking and felt before the metal is applied? Thanks, Lamar
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
First of all, I would put a vapor barrier behind the ceiling. I would also work in soffit vents and a ridge vent. And I personally would opt for solid decking with underlayment beneath the roofing. All this is to make sure you do not have condensation issues. One other option would be to go ahead and use the lathe and roof on top of that and then spray the the bottom side of the roof with polyicynene insulation.
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