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I have a client who would like to consider using a curved barrel vault roof instead of a traditional pitched roof. The roofs would be simple curved forms on rectangular masses. Will this type of material be harder to get and cost much more than standard standing seam roofing?
Brian Selig
Architectural Building Components Metal Roof and Wall Panels
The radius will determine what type of standing seam panel that you need and can use. It used to be that this product was only available in a panel and cap style. Now, several manufacturers can provide a mechanically seamed panel that can be formed to radii of about 15' or greater. This is valuable, due to the zero point that most curved roofs come with. I'm attaching an example of a product we use for radii to 20'. Materials will be $1 to $2 more per square foot on average. The labor cost will depend on the contractor's comfort level with this style of roofing. I know of a few contractors in El Paso, but that is about as far west as I get.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Brian. EMD -- you and I also shared emails I believe. Let me know if we can be of further service.
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