Davis Kessler
I have an odd question regarding a standard warranty on Kynar/Hylar coating, covering chipping, chalking, fading, etc. I want to know what the general "value" of such a warranty is. I have tried to get a sense of this by calling individual roofing contractors and manufacturers, but the answer I keep getting is that it impossible to seperate its value from the overall price because it is offered standard on all materials/projects. I realize that makes it difficult to pick out a succint "price" or percentage of the overall project cost. Still, there must be some way to estimate its value in regards to the overall cost. For example, for a $50,000 roofing project, what amount of that invoice is the "value" of the warranty?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Davis, Interesting question. Almost 30 years in the business and no one has ever asked me this before. Why do you ask? Right off hand, I would say that no one will be able to answer this ... no one "plans" for warranty failures ... we all anticipate putting out product that will not fail ... in 27 years my company has only had two warranty failures. Also, panel producers typically have warranty coverage from their suppliers as well. In the case of my couple of warranty claims, it was the coil coater's liability. Sorry I cannot be more help.
Guest User
i have the same problem, had a roof installed with no underlayment, now i have no warrantee, how much do i sue the contractor for
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In this case, I would go after the contractor for breach of contract to make them re-install the roof per manufacturer instructions.
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