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I have curved roofs which have about a 22' radius. Considering corrugated but the metal would have to be factory pre curved. Would this make it no longer an affordable roof? Approximately how much more $ per square foot is factory pre formed over standard straight sheets? I have found one somewhat local manufacturer for this (IMSA with Nu-Wave corrugated). Was told the material would have to be 22 gauge instead of the standard 26 gauge to handle this factory curving process. Are there other manufacturers available to compare product and pricing? I'm located on the West Coast.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Curved panels are typically considerably higher cost. This is due to the heavier gauge and extra material they require plus the time and equipment required for the curving. IMSA / ASC is a member of Metal Roofing Alliance. A search on Google for Curved Metal Roofing will yield some other choices. I believe that Taylor Metal Products out of Eugene, OR (not currently an MRA member) offers a curved standing seam. One other thing you might consider is that, often times, today's shake, shingle, and tile profile metal roofs, as well as horizontal "bermuda style" products, can be installed "as is" over curved roofs, meaning that they often would not have any additional costs associated with such an application.
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I have a 20' x 40' "Coverall" Steel structure that was covered by canvas/vynal material. The wind blew the canvas off. I want to install a concrete floor and use the existing steel for the new structure. I then want to cover the entire system with steel sheeting material. We have high winds and lots of rain in our area. What types of steel do you have for my purposes?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
First, we are an association and you need to contact one of our member manufacturers to see if they have products that will work. I do not believe that the coverall structure will support the weight of the steel and subframing required, especially if it is in snow country. I would contact them to get the requirements. Most vertical rib sheets will not bend the required radius, so you need to look at a batten mounted panel system. Along with Dura-loc there is another two mwmbwr manufacturers that manufacture these products.
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Please contact me at [email protected] I am considering the same set up and have some ideas. Have you found a metal roofing product yet? I have just begun to look. Thanks, Ken in NYS with the snow.
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