Roof installers used graphite pencil to measure cuts

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Me and my wife recently had a metalic silver galvalume roof installed on our home. After noticing NUMEROUS flaws in workmanship towards the end of the job,I hired a independent Roofing consultant to inspect the roof. One of the first things he noticed was that the installers used graphite pencil for measuring purposes.Through the use of the internet I have found quite a bit of info from Different installers,Manufactures,Trade mags al of them in full agreement that graphite is a dissimiar meatl and wil cause corrossion. What I cant find out is what Iam I supposed to do now? They tried in vain to clean the marks off Using Pencil earaser,scrubbing pads And yes even lime away.Their misguided effort only worsened the condition, And voided the warranty Does any one know of a simmilar previous Situation and what the outcome was? Iam not happy with the roof and the large black cloud over it.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I do not know the details of exactly what you have but I would contact the roofing manufacturer and perhaps the paint supplier for ideas. Have you tried Soft Scrub as a cleaner?
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