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I currently have a 2/12 asphalt shingle roof. the home is a gable roof with 2 valleys. I am going to be replacing my roof in the next few months and can't decide between 5v or standing seam. i was told standing seam was better for low pitch. however i was also told by the metal manufacturer that 5v does have a 2/12 approval. I plan on using 24 gauge. Does anyone have any helpful advice or reccomendations??
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I personally would always prefer a raised seam to a sealed overlap on low pitches. However, if the product has been tested and approved by its manufacturer for such an application, then I accept that it can work. I would always look at factors like: the panel (rafter) length ... longer panels will have more water to carry; whether an upper roof dumps water onto this low pitched roof; and whether there is a chance of predominate winds trying to blow water back up the roof slope during storms.
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