Do I need a ridge vent or a ridge cap

Deanna Campbell
Hello everyone, We are building an artist studio behind our house. It's a small 288 square feet working space -- with a loft and high ceiling -- the pitch of the roof starts at 8 feet? We are putting a standard corrugated metal roof on it. The contractor doing the roof came highly recommended. He's been installing metal roofs for over 10 years. He said we do not really need a ridge vent -- we only need a ridge cap? I've heard so many different things and I have no idea. Can someone please help. I need to call him back to adjust his quote if you folks think a ridge vent is necessary. There will be soffits. Thanks, Deanna
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you have soffit vents to feed a ridge vent, then I would use the ridge vent.
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