dave gert
hey, can anyone suggest a good roof for a low pitch round turret style roof. everything in the turret has been notched and bent so there arent any straight lines. I have access to a metal shop so i was thinking flat sheet metal cut in triangle sections. What is the best seam tecnique i may be able to apply, or is there a roofing out there that curves. house is historic 1870's and has asfault that leaks. thanks d
Guest User
Dave, A batten seam would be the easiest to make in a sheet metal shop. A 26 gauge metal, naturally is easier to seam than 24 gauge. Copper is the easiest. Wade
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Wade is probably correct though I am not entirely sure I understand what your situation is. If you have any drawings fax them to me at 937 773 9261 Todd
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