Boot Installation Around Chimney

Kevin Moore
Hi: Our Contractor has just finished putting on our new standing seam roof. During the final phase of the project we noticed an issue with the rubber boot around our 8" metal chimney. It was obvious that when the workers installed the rubber boot on our chimney that they did not ensure that the chimney was plumb. We brought this to our contractor's attention and asked that he add the issue to the punch list. The last day of the project the contractor removed the boot and straighten the pipe. (The contractor used three beads of tri-polymer plus fasteners to secure the boot the first time.) When the contractor reset the boot, the footprint of the boot's base shifted. This shift left the original fastener holes exposed. The contractor finished up by putting new screws into the exposed fastener holes. I was not happy with this fix. The contractor has proposed a second "fix". They will procure a stainless steel sleeve that will cover the boot and the newly installed exposed fasteners. Our issue now is with how this sleeve will be installed. The contractor would like to use sheet metal screws at the base of the stainless steel sleeve, because the adhesives that he uses will not bond to stainless steel. (To complicate matters the base of the SS sleeve does not lie flat with the roof due to surface stress.) Do you have any suggestions? Do you know of any products that will adhere to stainless steel and bond to a Kynar Paint System? Thanks Kevin
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
A terpolymer butyl rubber caulk sealant will adhere to the Kynar and should adhere to the stainless.
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