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We are planning to install the perfaction country manor shake made by Classic. We are trying to narrow down our color choice and found that we like the powder finish a lot. I have two questions. 1. Is the powder coat/finish more likely fade with time than the regular finish? 2. Is anything known yet about the energy ratings of the powder coat relative to the standard finish? Relatedly, we are also having our roofing contractor install soffit vents - we do not have any ventilation. Another suggestion he made, which was less expensive, is to use pro-flow vents. The latter option is much less expensive. Is the former worth the extra expense? Many thanks for your time.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Classic's powder finish is a Kynar finish which should have very similar weathering characteristics to the traditional Kynar finishes including fade and chalk resistance. The powder version of Kynar is relatively new (last 10 years or so) but everything I have seen as far as testing shows it to be equal or superior to standard Kynars. Paint experts expect it to be better than standard Kynars. Classic has a Majestic Gold color series in the powder. All colors have 25% or more reflectivity, very similar to the "cool" colors in traditional Kynars. The Pro Flow vent has about 9" of free air space in every lineal foot. That is very good. Depending upon the depth of your overhangs, though, you could achieve more with soffit vents. However, ultimately you are seeking balance between your eave vents and your soffit vents. Chances are that the ProFlow product will accomplish that.
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