What should be included in an estimate

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I was wondering how detailed an estimate for a new metal roof should be. (replacing asphalt shingle - single story) How detailed should an estimate be in terms of materials,etc. Are there particular items one should look for in the estimate? What should I expect from a quality contractor's estimate? Thanks
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A Qualified Contractor's estimate will include everything he intends to do. There shouldn't be anything you ask about that he tells you that's just a part of it, I was going to tell you. You imagine how it will look finished and his detail should take you to that point, even how the trims and flashings are done. Wade
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I will second what Wade says. If at all possible, leaving nothing to chance ... it should list types of flashings they will use, whether they are manufacturer of field-formed ... it should also include what warranties come with the product and the labor. It should specify the excat product being installed and the color.
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