Flashing Transition between metal roofing & asphalt shingles

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Does anyone have any details on how i can show a transition between a 7/12 pitched asphalt shingled roof to a 3/12 metal roof?
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Joe, I would do it as a pitch change. Some of the manufacturers show the transition detail in their drawings. Basically, figure out how many inches of metal you need over the metal roof to prevent runback and how many inches you need under the shingles. The degree of pitch change on your roof is probably around 15 degrees. Every thing below the break will be over the metal and everything above the break will be under the shingles. Wade I drew a picture but was unable to get it scanned to my computer.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I agree with Wade. Your metal roofing manufacturer will be able to provide you with specific details for this flashing based upon the profile you are installing.
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can someone help me with specs on back legs for step flashing and roof to wall flashing
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