Cathy Stout
I have a ranch home with asphalt shingle roofing (~9 y.o.). There is an attached deck with a fiberglass roof. I want to enclose the deck as a year-round sunroom and install a metal roof that would fit under the edge of the existing roof so I don't have to cut into the roofline. I'm new at this and was wondering if this was a logical idea and what type of questions should I ask a contractor? I'm not that familiar with metal roofs and am trying to learn the pro's and con's. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Really, metal roofing is not designed for this purpose. I am not saying that it couldn't work but you will run into issues with pitch, structural support, etc. Do a google search for Under deck dry system" or something like that. There are some products out there specfically for this purpose. I never suggest using a product for other than its intended purpose.
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