replacing existing flat roof with metal green roof

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We have a 4 year-old house with a flat membrane roof. It drains into a single drain which seems to do the job most of the time, however in heavy rain water pools around near the drain. The roof membrane has started to bubble or bubble in a couple of spots although we keep it clean and even covered it with a sealer last year. There is a fan inside the house that directs airflow to the joists space to somewhat maintain a smaller temperature differential between the inside and outside parts of the roof. Only time will tell how effective this is. We would like to replace our roof with a permanent solution when the time comes. The roof is accessible year round via a roof-top solarium which divides the roof into two 300 sq.ft. sections. We would therefore like to add a green roof over the metal roof which would keep inside temperatures reasonable in the summertime and expand our outside living space. Have you ever seen such an application? Do you have any suggestions on how to go about it? W hate the idea of putting down a green roof over a membrane roof that will eventually need to be replaced, requiring the green roof to be ripped out first!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
By "green roof," are you referring to a live vegetation roof?
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