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I am interested in finding out recommendations for installation of metal roofing over SIPs (structural insulated panels). The issues that are of interest to us as manufacturers of SIPs include: 1. Attachment requirements for metal roofing to 7/16” OSB? 2. Ventilation requirement for metal roofing over SIPs? (Expanded Polystyrene core of SIPs can be damaged by high temperature) 3. Noise Issues (we have reports of “popping” metal roofs when installed over SIPs)?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for your interest. We would love to engage you in more detailed dialogue about these and other subjects. I have had many good experiences with metal roofing over SIPs. Fastening over 7/16" OSB will be specified by the individual roofing manufacturer, probably per their standard instructions. I have not seen issues where the foam was damaged by high temps but I have seen problems where improperly sealed SIPS had condensation issues occur. Most quality metal roofs have allowance for expansion and contraction to prevent noise.
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