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Last Feb our house burnt to the ground. My girlfriend and I have been building our dream house. I was a framing contractor for 20 years so I have lots of construction experience. here is my story. We hired a reputable contractor to do the job labor only I supplied the material.I put him in contact with my steel salesman to get the details and cut list R panel from muellers steel.The contractor said they would be using shears which I took to mean nibblers. Five guys show up and start on the front of the house.I tell the lead guy that after he runs the sheets in the back the plumber will cut his stacks thru and AC guy will cut there vents thru the flats of panels he says no go ahead and cut the vents now and he will take care of it. I had also left some fascia off that would hit the panels not sure if in the flats or on the ridge in the panel. He says no go ahead and run the fascia also. We cut the stacks thru and and run the fascia. I figure he is the pro and knows what he is doing. He has to leave the job and leaves his other guys there to do the work. They get to the valley and pull out a skil saw and throw the panel on th ground start cutting the panels face up. I thought that is not right. But again I think there the pros. Anyway they finish for the day and I climb up there and look around go to the valley and sure enough it is a ragged ass cut and there is a hole in the bottom of the valley where the offset meets the valley. They have scratched the sheets up where the saw kicked back on the sheet. Next morning I talk to the lead guy and tell him his guys are scratching the sheets all up and be more careful. I show him the hole in the valley he says he will fix it. He tells his guys to be more careful.I tell him he needs to use the expanding foam for the valley closures. He disagrees with me about that. I've ahd enough and call the contractor and he shows up I am upset and I tell him about the scratching and the hole in the valley. I tell him I expect a professional job. This is not some pole barn but my house. He says they will put the closures in the valleys and be more careful. I say you told me they were going to be using sheers and he says they are tin snips. but you can't cut the angles with shears (tin snips). I just shake my head and he says let us finish the job we are going to make you happy don't worry. I say ok but they should be cutting the sheets face down if they are going to use the saw. He said he will get some touch up paint and fix the scratches. He says he will check into that. I say ok I will wait till the end before I judge it. For some reason I still have faith in my fellow man. He leaves and they keep cutting the sheets face up scratching the sheets. I have to work the the next 2 days. I come back and he has done the back where the plumbing stacks are and sure enough everyone of the six stacks are either in the middle of the ribs or in the side of the ribs snd he has put the boots on them like that with about four tubes of NP1 caulk filling them in. I just wanted to throw up. I climb up and take a look half the valleys have no closures and and the ridge cap have no closures and where the ridge cap extends over the hip caps they just butchered them. Scratches all over the place. It's just unbelievable. The lead guy said he needed some more gable trim pieces and roof to wall transition pieces which I ordered. Of course they took the long pieces and cut them into the shorter pieces and now the shorter pieces I ordered will be spliced together. I am sick. I will try and include some pics. I haven't paid them a cent yet but there is a lot of material wasted. Sorry for the long winded post but I am just in shock. I have never stiffed anybody in my life but this job is so unbelievably botched.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry to hear this. I would ask them to quit working until you and the contractor can get together to review the job and come up with a list of things to be done.
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Hello Amarillo, It sounds as maybe the installers aren't real familiar with the product. The sheets should of been cut face down, but on your plumbing vents, if they are using dektite of something similar, it really doesn't matter where they come out--on the rib or in the flat. If they used white NP1 to match the roof and were careful with it, it should look fairly tidy. Unless the house is an exact 6/12 pitch, there will be no ridge or hip closures factory made that will work. You will have to use the foam or nothing. Nothing looks best. Wade
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You can get foam closures for R panel cut for a given roof pitch. They aren't cheap, but they are available. Expanding foam cannot take the UV. I've seen it used in valleys before with poor long-term results.
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