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Is there a mystery as to the cost of this metal roofing? Does anyone actually know how a consumer is charged? Is it by the foot, by the panel or what? I know it has to do with footage and pitch of roof line and type & style that you pick out that you like---Is there not a straight forward way of how this roofing is sold and how much does say a bundle of panels cost? Surely a contractor has this on hand or else how would they ever estimate the cost to you. All I want to know is how much higher in percentage is the metal roofing compared to cost of shingle roofing? Is metal roofing that much higher in cost?
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In my 20+ years of residential metal roofing, I have encountered projects where metal roofing was less expensive than standard shingles and also projects where it was several times the cost of standard shingles. Standard shingles come in a very wide variety of prices. Metal roofing products are the same way. This makes it very difficult to give a ballpark price comparison one to the other because, until you've consulted with the homeowner, you never know exactly what products are being compared or evaluated. Additionally, the more complex and steep a roof is, the more labor will be involved to do the installation. This is true with any roofing material but it is particularly true with long-term products like metal roofing. With conventional shingles, you can use a lot of sealants at various roof joints and around penetrations. While some sealants are used with metal roofing, the emphasis is really on proper flashing methods in those areas. Proper flashing takes much more time than gooping in a bunch of sealant. Due to the long-term nature of metal roofing, you do not want to have huge dependence on sealants the way that you can with short term roofing materials. The price variety of metal roofing comes with the wide variety of product styles, metals and finishes. As you've seen on the MRA website, there are many beautiful and durable metal roofs from which to choose. Each product carries its own attributes and its own price. Some products are more appropriate for particular installations than others. An experienced metal roofing contractor, by evaluating your needs, can help you determine what product is best for you. The metal roofing contractors I know take their work seriously. As a result, they want to analyze each job individually and be able to help analyze the project's needs and the property owner's desires. Metal roofing contractors are professionals who want to help guide you to a wise roofing decision. As a result, most of them will wnat to see the home, measure it, evaluate it, and talk with the owner before giving a pirce. As a consumer, this lets you know that they take their estimates seriously and that they want to provide a fair price. When a contractor quotes you a price over the phone or after just a real quick, cursory look at the project, you can bet your boots that they have added plenty of "cushion" to protect themselves. That is not doing you any favors at all. And, really, it's not doing them any favors any because you will end up choosing someone who really evaluates your needs and prepares a realistic proposal and quotation. As a metal roofing manufacturer, we train contractors who handle metal roofing to take their quotes very serious so that they can provide you with a fair estimate. Most metal roofing contractrors are trained and experienced professionals who want to help guide you through to a wise choice. Please feel free to take advantage of what they're offering and accept their assistance.
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a standard metal roof (5v crimp mill finish) cost $120 a square (100 sq. feet.).the underlayment,i use t u plus pell and stick,is about $35sq. to dump 20sq of old roof is $200. cheap. labor is around $30sq to tear off old roof and $35sq to put on new roof. cost of profit , more then it cost for labor and material together. i do side work for $275sq going on top of shingles and $350sq to tear off old roof and put back new.20sq roof would cost $2400 with taxes.talal job around $5500-7000 depending on how easy it is. dont pay to much. later this year im going to have my state roofing lience and im going to charge $450sq with a life time warranty on workmanship.
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