Stephen Colley
I'm designing a home for a client who is interested in collecting water from the roof for all her water needs (yes, potable use, too). I am very familiar with the issues of water filtering, purifying, and storage, and that's why we choose a metal roof over other finishes. It's a low slope (1/2"per ft.) roof which will require a commercial grade standing seam roof. All eaves are guttered. With regard to guttering connections, standing seam termination or other issues, do you have any recommendations or concerns that I need to consider? I've designed other rainwater catchment systems including one white metal standing seam with 6:12 slope (no trouble in 5 years of service). I appreciate any low-slope tips you may have. Thank you.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
At that low slope you must use a mechanically seamed metal roof.
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