Kevin Flaherty
Hi, thanks for this great site, tons of info. I am getting quotes for a new roof on my house.(strip job with ice/water shield over decking) I was hoping you could give me some advise on selecting the better material. One company uses 29ga gavalume with 4 coats of millennium paint, another company uses 24ga or 26ga galvanized with 2 coats of Kynar. The prices are just about the same so what do you think would last longer. We will be walking on the roof yearly to clean the chimneys. Thanks for any help and info. Kevin
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Not sure I understand the references to paint. The top grade paint available on metal roofing is a two-coat Kynar system -- primer and top coat. As far as gauge ... please understand that performance and life have a lot to do with panel design and coating -- not just metal thickness. However, ultimately, all other things equal, is a heavier panel going to be longer lasting? Sure.
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