Jorge Hermida
we have just install a 24 ga. standing seam metal roof and have the following problem: when we try to seam the pannels (180 degrees) our seamer "pops/jumps" off, specially when it comes/hits the clips, that are 24" o.c.. It looks like the "downleg" is 1/16" longer. The seamer seams 90 degrees with no problem, but it can not do the 180 degrees. Our seamer is an "ssx" rollformer. What alternative do we have to acheive the 180 degree "bend?? A heavier ga. machine?? I appreciate your help. Jorge Hermida (787) 261-6133 [email protected]
Guest User
Is your first set of rollers closing the first 90 all the way. is that 1/16 scraping the downleg of the panel when you seam the first 90. if so the guy that ran your panels might not have adjusted his machine correctly when he ran your panels. If your downleg is too long you can get the first 90 and not the 180. the ssx isnt the problem unless it isnt adjusted correctly. If you had a picture of the seam. you'll get better answers
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Have you contacted the manufacturer of the seamer?
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