Gerard metal roof over Hardie shake

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Our current home has Hardie shake roofing material on open decking. The Hardie shake is the known defective material, with class actions suits pending. And, as is the case with this material, it is also currently deterioriating. A recent severe hail storm had caused sufficient damage to the roof to force a full settlement, which we have received, however, the insurance company will not pay for plywood decking, simply because we currently do not have it. After arguing, they will not budge. In response, the roofer has recommended installing gerard metal stone coated steel roofing material directly over the existing Hardie shake. I am uneasy about installing "good" roofing material ofer something that is known to be defective and is currently deteriorating. Once the UV rays are off the Hardie shake, he says, no more deterioration will occur. That might be fine, but I would still have partially deteriorated known bad material on my roof. Is my concern valid? Would you recommend that pursue this route? Would you do it on our own house? What about a composite material on plywood decking? If we go that way, we get the removal of the old stuff, the decking and roof installed for roughly $4K less... Pleae let me know your thoughts.... Many thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would do it on my own house. However, ultimately, it is your personal peace of mind that counts and that may just be worth the extra money.
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