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Hi, We are constructing a 20' shed below an existing 16' section of 5V metal roof which has a 4:12 pitch. We need to avoid a step-down in the concrete floor, while maintaining as much height as possible at the lower side. We will use wood trusses with 2 x 4 laths spaced about 16" OC, and a single run of corrugated metal roofing cut to length. Ideally, there would be a drop of only 12" in the 24 feet, although that may not be possible. My questions are as follows: (1) What is the best through-fastener metal roofing design available for a low slope roof? (2) What is the minimum pitch for a through-fastener corrugated metal roofing material for the above application? (3) How about with some type of butyl mastic or silicone sealant between the lapped edges? The best and longest lasting type of sealant for such uses? (4) How about with a rain gutter system placed below the original roof section? (5) In the alternative, what would be the approximate installed cost of a plain "uncomplicated" standing seam roof measuring 90 x 22? Thanks, Mike
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These are tough questions to answer. We really cann't "rate" panels produced by our various members. I can send you an explanatory guide to metal roofing if you email me though. This guide explains the thingsw to consider. My email is [email protected] Minimum pitch depends upon the panel design and manufacturer recommendation. Many through-fastened panels are said to be able to be installed down to 2:12 pitch though. Many manufacturers will suggest a butyl tape sealant for overlapped edges of certain profiles of panels. I do not understand your gutter question. I am sorry. Pricing must come from your own supplier.
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