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I am replacing the roof on my cape cod and very interested in using metal. I don't see any posts about doing this on a high pitch roof. The first par i don't understand is how get to the top of the roof. On a shingle roof you use cleats to go to the top. What do you use for metal?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hello Don. Metal roofing is frequently used on steeply pitched roofs. I think that one of the attractive things about metal is its durability. On a steep roof, you never want to tackle the project too often with any roofing material. How you approach a steep roof depends upon what type of metal roof you choose. Most manufacturers will have suggestions available for how to do this. With horizontally-run metal roofs, you can often use roof jacks and walkboards of some sort. With vertical seam roofs, you can often hang ladders from the ridge just to the side of the area you're roofing. With horizontal or vertical roofs, you can use "floatboards" hung from the ridge which are basically sheets of wood backed up by foam or other protective material with toeboards on the front of them. You can also hang ladders from the ridge and brace them up off the roof so you can run walkboards between them and work underneath / behind the ladders. Also, some metal roofs can be installed on lathe board rather than solid decking. Once the horizontal lathe are installed, you can use those as a "ladder" to traverse the unroofed areas.
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