Phillip Abrams
I have an older home which as best as I can tell has the orignal decking material and three layers of asphalt shingles. The decking is two layers of 1x6 material. The first layer goes horizatally across the tuss material with 3 to 6 inch gaps. The second layer is vertical with no gaps. Can metal be installed without removing and/or replacing any of the existing materials? What are the advatages of Metal vs. asphalt?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Metal roofing is very low weight which does promote installation over existing roofs. However, local building codes must be consulted and the roof also needs to be closely inspected to make sur eit is sound. There is lots of info on this site about the benefits of metal roofing. Also, if you email me at [email protected] I have a guide to metal roofing I will send to you.
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