Chris Hartley
Time is the last thing I keep
We were ready to go ahead putting a Corregated Metal roof over top of of a shingled cottage roof... then a relative suggested we contact a Building Inspector to see if it could be done. This would be the second roof I've done. The 1st one did not leak. This one does. This is why I suggested a Cost Effective Metal Roof over exsistiing tiles. We planned 1 x 4 wood strapping. Should we run the strapping the length of the roof or across the trusses? How do you know ensure drilling into the trusses or does this matter? Is more just to grip into the "roof?". The supplier quoted 2-1/2" screws, but I am thinking 3-1/2" would be better especially with the strapping. If we see any 4 x 8's from inside that appear water damaged would it be better to remove everything and start fresh (including some kind of membrane> Best regards Chris H
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The strapping goes horizontally, You can locate your trusses and run chalk lines over them. Water damage and rot may not be the same. Any rotted areas should be addressed. Also, keep in mind that many metal roofs could go down over the existing without the strapping.
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