1/12 Pitch Stand n Seam Roof, No Attic

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I'm a G.C. and have built a new modern home in Atlanta with a Stand n Seam Roof at a 1/12 pitch, as per architects plans. There is no attic, only appx. 8" space between the R-30 value batts I placed above the ceilings, and the roof for which I used Advantek ply, with a housewrap membrane beneath the Stand n Seam. No eaves, no ridge, nowhere to vent. City inspectors were stumped as there is no residential code to date which exactly addresses this type of issue. Their best guess, and in order to pass inspection, I will have to spray closed-cell foam beneath the roof to an R-40 value, for which there is no money left in the budget. I don't know that this is really necessary, since the neither the architect, manufacturer of the roofing material, insulation sub and/or roofing sub believes there will be an insulation issue. What do you think?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
It's hard to have an informed opinion without the benefit of more information. The key issue is what does the code require. Even though it doesn't specifically address your design, one should be able to ascertain the intent of the code. If you can do that, then you could have a local engineer review your construction, determine if it met the intent of the code and if it did meet the intent, write a report. A report from a registered professional engineer would give the city inspector something to "hang his hat on".
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