Possible improper installation of standing seam? metal roof which meets cedar shake shingles

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We recently added an addition onto our home. It is roughly 40 ft by 20 feet including a 5 foot overhang. The roof over the addition was installed as a metal standing seam? roof that meets up with cedar shake shingles. There are many angles where the metal meets with the cedar shake shingles. The roof leaks. I have gotten the original contractor to fix the leak, they did so by using a long life caulk on the metal roof near where the cedar shakes come down to the metal. The roof still leaks. They have been 3 leaks so far since the roof was put on in late spring/early summer this year. I believe the roof still leaks, although the roofer believes it was an exisiting leak ( I don't think so, I haven't noticed any leaks since the new roof was added)from the part of the roof that the roofer was not responsible for. I went ahead and contacted 3 other roofers for estimates and they believed that the entire metal roof was installed improperly, not to mention where it meets the cedar shake and chimney (a crick? needs to be added). IF I understand it correctly, the metal panels were not cut properly and they do not go far enough under the seams??? The original roofers says that they put tape down on the top of the metal where it meets the seams so you don't see how far the metal goes. In addition, where the metal meets the ridges it is very ripply. In any event, I can't finish my addition until I know if I need to replace my roof. I don't believe the current leaking is due to the metal part at this time, I believe it is where the metal roof meets the shakes and chimney etc. I am having great difficulty getting the manufacturer to respond to me. I would like them to take a look at my roof and give me a definataive yes or no on whether it was properly installed. Should the metal panels go up under the standing seam, or how close should they be cut?? I don't understand all this very well, so I need your help, I just want my roof right....
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
There should at least be a transitional flashing up under the wood shakes. Be persistent with the manufacturer. Are they an MRA member? Email pictures to me if you wish [email protected]
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