What is the recomended overhang ? 1 inch ?

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Okay Please help, My roofer just finished my white 5v crimped roof here in the keys 24 gauge it looks good But I told him I wanted gutters seamless all the around, He has to get that done. My concern is He did not allow for the 1 inch overhang at the edge he put the end of the metal flush to the drip edge. I have reviewed installation methods from several MFG none say flush mount Most show min 1 inch overhang. I knew I should have done it my Self !!!!! Any recommendations would be appreciated I have only paid 2/3 bill and until this is resolved we are in a holding pattern. I dont even know if this will pass CODE Jon
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I assume the eave is through fastened and tape sealant was installed between the panels and an eave trim? You can break a gutter that has a back flange (2"-3") toed up slope. If the above assumption is correct, the eave fasteners will need to be removed; the seal broken loose and the panels raised up. The back flange on the gutter will need to have tape sealant installed before sliding it under the roof panels. I would also put a foam closure under the panels to fill the voids at the Vs.
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