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Church is requesting proposals for reroofing using 22 ga. standing seam metal roof. Existing roof is asphalt shingles, replaced twice since 1965. Roof area is 10,750 sft. covering a floor area of 4480 sft. Structure consists of timber arches supporting a 3"x6" wood roof deck. From underside of roof deck to the finished cathedral ceiling ( 1"x6" T&G hemlock) there is a ventalted air space of 23". Roof pitch is 26:12, with actual roof height of 64ft., tapering to 26ft. at each end. It is desired to provide roof insulation with the reroof. One contractor proposes to place 11/2" poly-iso foam under the metal. Another contractor states that this is not desirable and the insulation should be placed on the inside between the roof & ceiling. This is do-able but would be difficult & labor intensive (confined space & steep slope). What are your thoughts on insulation placement?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The best choice is usually to have the insulation on the "warm side" of the vented airspace. That said, there are other options. Call me at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 if you have questions.
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