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Hi, We recently tore down an old house that was on our property. A few weeks ago, we were working on tearing away a part of the roof that was in the way, and someone pointed out a stamp on the metal that reads Conklin's Hand Dipped Old Method Coppersteel. Does anyone know what this stuff is? Is it just a fancy name they used for tin? If not, is it worth anything? I should also note that this roofing was obviously expensive for it's time. I've seen tin roofs all of my life. Living in SC, old houses with tin roofs are fairly ubiquitous, and I've even lived in a couple, and none of them were installed the way this stuff was. There was a lot of craftsmanship put into the seams and the overall installation of the roof. The weird thing is, the rest of the house was built with no rhyme or reason, with old flooring boards used throughout the house for spacers between beams and used to level out other areas of the house. Anyway, I've scoured the internet for this stuff and the only link that ever comes up is for this forum, but it's about a guy asking about painting the stuff. Any info or advice would be appreciated!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Never heard of it. There is still a Conklin Metal Shingle company based in Georgie -- could be good to contact
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