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We have a situation where we want to put a standing seam copper roof over the front entrance. We want the traditional and very popular style where the roof has three sides that slope down and outin a curve to the edge of the porch roof. (I don't know what this style is called) The problem is that the roof would fit snuggly into a corner of the house (brick veneer) How do you address the corner and horizontal plane where the roof meets the wall? Also, are gutters typically used on these type porch roofs that are atractive or discrete in appearance? Thanks!
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
If I understand the layout you are describing, you will need a cricket to divert the water around the wall. A drawing or picture of the area would help to understand the situation better. A contractor experienced in working with copper should be able to design and make a cricket. There are companies that make copper gutter, some of which are the proper size to use in a residential application. You may want to do an internet search and see if you find any styles you like. The contractor you choose should be able to get the style you want to use.
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Thanks for the reply, the area in question is to the right and about 18" deep. Hopefully the photo moc-up will make things a little more clear. Thanks again
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would make sawcuts in all masonry surfaces so flashings can be rbought up the wall and inserted. On that questionable corner area, you need to build up a little pitch right there to direct that water out to the front of the house.
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