Low Slope to High Slope Transition

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I have a 1/12 porch roof and a 10/12 house roof. The owner wants a standing seam metal roof on the porch (300sf) and it would have to transition to a conventional shingled roof. As the builder, I would like to use a membrane product instead of the metal because of the transition. How do I flash the metal to shingle transition?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You should install a metal flashing on top of the metal roof and run it up, under the asphalt shingles for approximately 12". It needs to go under at least two courses of shingle. Obviously, this will require that you remove the shingles to get the flashing in place. Be sure to seal the joints in the flashing with urethane sealant. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the flashing attachment to the metal roof.
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