suzanne reagan
hello we are FINALLY able to replace our roof from the 2004 hurricane season. we currently have asbestos shingles and are having them removed and 5v galvalum installed. my question is this... our contractor quoted us for 1 ply 30# dry-in felt. is this ok? also, should i request that he use stainless steel screws? we plan on living in this house until we are foreclosed on! (c: thanks
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
The felt should be fine. Once the 5V is installed, the felt should be irrelevant. I am assuming the roof slope is at least 3:12. You definitely want to use a fastener with a long-life head. Either a zinc-aluminum or stainless capped head will work fine. You don't need a solid stainless steel screw unless you are fastening into treated wood.
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