flashing attached to the top of wood siding

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Last fall I hired a contractor to replace my rusty metal roof with a new green metal one. In the process he glued the metal flashing to the cedar siding where the small 2nd story meets the roof of the first floor. I say that the flashing should have been placed under the bottom row of siding. What I have now is a wavy, ugly glued-on flashing that is about 5 inches up the side of the wood. I bought this roof hoping to solve all the problems I've had from wind, now I forsee future problems from this installation. Please help. Should I insist that he correct this or will it be alright (other than the uglyness?)
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I would want the flashing under the siding to insure a long-term weather seal. Eventually, caulk will turn loose and allow leaks. If there is any type of house wrap or felt paper under the siding, it should lap over the flashing as well.
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