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Hi, Q1) With reference to this website's statement ( ): "The companies below represent the finest metal roofing manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Mexico", does that mean manufacturers must meet certain criteria, other than stamping out steel shingles, to be listed here? Q2) I noticed Tamco is not a MRA member and none of the resellers listed here sells Metalworks shingles. Is it simply because they (Tamco & Tamco resellers) didn't join the MRA or because they didn't meet some MRA criteria? I just found this forum after nearly 2 weeks consulting w/ Tamco Metalworks shingles supplier and assembling a list of parts and quantities I need to cover my 27 sq. roof - my do-it-yourself project. I guess for a lack of better information re other steel shingle manufacturers, I went with Tamco/Metalworks since their steel and mfg. process was 100% US contents (labor, material); thus, covered by NAFTA and can be imported to Canada duty-free. However, my supplier reneged on his sales quote/offer at the last minute since he (a) ran out of shingles that were on sale; (b) didn't know how to get his shipment across the border duty-free under the NAFTA agreement and C.O.D. terms. While looking for a more experienced Tamco supplier, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the wide selection of other options you feature on this site. Q3) I would imagine that since MRA is a coalition of competing manufacturers of metal roofing, asking for ratings or anything comparing one manufacturer to another would be fruitless? Q4) How do I use this forum to select the best product and supplier for my DIY re-roofing project? Your help and recommendations will be much appreciated. thank you, roland
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Thanks for your post. 1) Yes, there are product design and performance criteria set forth by Metal Construction Association which MRA members must meet. Do all companies that meet these criteria belong to the MRA? Sadly, no. 2) Tamko / MetalWorks was an MRA member for many years and chose to stop their memebrship a few months ago. 3) While I cannot make direct comparisons of products, if you email me at [email protected], I will glad send you some materials from my company on things to consider and ask when buying a metal roof. 4) I think the best thing you can do is learn about different products, choose products you may like and then contact the manufacturers to determine whether their products are suitable for your application.
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