Inexpensive/Fast way to fix Old Barn Tin Roof

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I (30 something mother)am renting an old barn for my horses. We (Mr. L 70 something yr old man and I) have pretty much gutted the inside and re-built stalls for the horses. Now we are running into a problem with the roof. The roof is aluminum that was nailed, however not sealed. Whom ever was renting the barn before us, put more aluminum on top of old rusted aluminum and painted with some type of acrylic red paint. Now, the roof has many rust hole spots is the best way for me to descibe this. I would like to find the inexpensive and easy (remeber I am a mother how needs to take care of her children and Mr. L, well I do not want something to happen to him.)to fix the roof so your horses are not getting rained on in their stalls. Did I also mention inexpensive? There has to be some inexpensive and easy way to spray and or paint on the roof. The barn is 36'x50' (10 stalls and a tack room). I will try to get so photos of the roof if it will ever stop raining!
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I suspect that your idea of inexpensive is the same as mine. In that case, there is no inexpensive way to fix this roof. It is not aluminum if it is rusting. The roof is probably galvanized metal. There are companies that spray foam over rusted metal roofs, but I don't consider this a long term fix and it is not cheap. I would recommend replacing the roof with new Galvalume panels. I assume that the owner of the barn would be willing to pay for at least part of the cost of a new roof as it would certainly benefit him for the long term. If you are interested, I will try to get you some names of roofing contractors in the Houston area. You may e-mail me direct at [email protected]
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Regina I also have a barn that needs a roof replacement. My barn is located in south Alabama and I am trying to determine if it is pratical to spray it with something to avoid the cost of the replacement. Have you found a suitable alternative. [email protected] Chapel Hill NC
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