Lisa A. Saunders
Hello, #1-I am planning on having a 5-V panel roof installed (painted) over my current shingled roof. Do you know of a site that has a calculator that I can put my house dimensions & variables ( pitch, overhang, width of panel, etc.) in & it will give me amount (w/ length) of panels , ridge, etc. that I will need to purchase, to cut down on waste & get a estimate of materials? A good friend, that has built many homes, is going to install it, we just don't want alot of wastage($$)! #2- It will be installed (at a breaking point) 1/2 now & 1/2 in approx. 6 mos. I will buy all the metal a the same time. My question- To store the other 1/2 (it will be kept in the dry), so should each panel be separated & the entire stack covered? Thank You! lasaun
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I do not know of any free online programs for determining panel sizes, etc. There are some rather costly programs available for sale. Any quality manufacturer should gladly be willing to figure that for you based upon your drawing. Most of us do it all the time. If you have the panels inside a conditioned space, storage should not be an issue. If kept outside, you could have problems removing the release peper (if there is any) from the panels when you go to install them after that long. It is also suggested that the stack be tiled a tiny bit so that, if any condensation or moisture accumulates in the panels, it will drain out the low end. There again the manufacturer should provide good storage instructions.
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