corrugated panels over MH roof

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I am wondering about the feasibility of installing vertical corrugated panels over a metal mobile home roof. We are having some leaks and I like the look of corrugated better than the ugly patched roofing that is in place. The existing roof has a definite "gabled" look, slightly rounded at the peak. My idea is to install some 1"x4" purlins over the existing roof and attaching with roofing screws? Am I nuts?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Any vertical ribs in metal stiffen the metal and make bending to any degree very difficult. The lower the profile the easier the bend however the lowerr profiled metal is not designed for a low slope roof. My suggestion is to install a self adhesive ice and water shield on the roof and then strap it and install the metal. Withe the low slope you do need to install a drip edge and seal the sheets to it so that the water does not run back up under the sheets. You can also acomplish this by folding the lower 1/2" of the sheet downward to cause the rain water to drip. Hope this helps.
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