stone on steel over my existing shake roof

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I've had two roofers give me quotes recently and I'm confused as to what's best to reduce my hot attic temperatures (in addition to venting). I have a 20 year old shake roof that looks awful. What will give me the lowest attic temperatures in the summer, a tear off of the existing shake or installing steel over it (ok by my local code). One roofer recommends installing fiberglass insulation between battens above the tar paper. Will this help lower attic temps? I've seen stone on steel tiles from Metro and Gerard that I like the appearance of. How can I be an educated consumer to really know the difference between these two brands beyond reading their websites? Thank you for any advice and suggestions you have to offer!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Some of the metal shake products can be installed on a grid of vertical battens followed by horizontal battens. These are very effective at creating a ventable airspace that can help a lot with energy efficiency. I would suggest contacting any manufacturers you're considering and getting their stories as to how they stack up against the competition.
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