Structural vs non structural metal roofs

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Forum answers has been helpful as we decide whether to have a standing seam metal roof put over asphalt shingles or have them removed first. Seems like removing the shingles allows thorough inspection of decking and better overall installation. Please could you explain the differences between structural vs non structural metal roofs? A "green" architect suggested putting lath on the roof decking to provide air flow from the soffit to the ridge. Would this work with the Galvalume Metal Roofing? Thanks, Gail
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You are correct in that removing the existing shingles from your roof would allow you to inspect your deck for damage and also check its "on plane" alignment. Roof decks can sometimes sag in certain areas over time and this can transfer through the new roof causing an aesthetic issue. If you had that issue, the deck could be adjusted to eliminate this concern. Adding lathing offers an easy way to ensure the deck is "on plane" as it can be shimmed if needed. To get air flow under the panels, you probably would need to use the batten/counter batten method. A structural standing seam roof does not need to be continuously supported and can span a certain distance between structural supports. This distance is dependant upon the type of panel and the load requiremnts of the roof. Non structural standing seam roofs must be continuously supported by a deck. Since you have a continuos roof deck, this should not be of a concern to you when deciding upon a particular roofing system.
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