installing a metal roof to replace an asphalt shingle roof

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We bought a 1929 Cape Cod style home in 2006. The existing roof is sagging due to old construction. Ceiling rafters are 24" on center. We have talked with various metal roof installers and have gotten conflicting recommadations. Install metal over existing shinge? Remove asphalt shingle and install plywood sheeting under metal? Do NOT apply metal over plywood, but install foam insulation over existing shinge under metal? Remove asphalt and apply foam insulation? Install ridge vent? Beef up roof by building knee walls in attic and jacking up roof before metal roof installation? You should know that this project would involve raising a 3 window dormer at the back of the house. Would appreciate it if you could clear up our confusion. What are your recommendations? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Robert, that is a complex question and any one of the suggestions you've received thus far may very well work. Most metal roofs are designed for installation over plywood which could include old shingles on the plywood. Really, the best thing you can do is use this site to choose a product you like and then contact the manufacturer to help you find a contractor who knows their system and can install it properly on your home. If you would like to talk this through, call me at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201 ... this is too involved to handle in writing. All Best. Todd
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