silde out room on a mobile home

tom gill
i have a 7x21 slide out room on my mobile home, the roof was leaking bad, i covered the roof for the winter and took out the ceiling and fixed holes, now put on a tar paper and shingle roof good stuff, but my problem is where the roof meets the main part of the mobile home, their is big 4 to 5 gap.their is a piece of wood their, and the old roof had a pc, of 10" plain ridge rool on it that is shot,i tried to use galv, roll but it dosen,t bend to good, where can i find the other stuff, don,t want snow and rain in their again, thanks..
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are products out like "Peel and Seal" which are flexible with an aluminum foil on one side. The other option is to have a piece of metal professionally bent to meet the need. That would be best in my book.
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