Trish Donley
Last year we bought a beautiful home on 25 acres. Since it was only three years old, we didn't get an inspection (I know stupid!) Since we have been here for the last year we have noticed several issues with the house that we are repairing. The metal roof is my concern. In the attic, there is nothing under the metal roof. I don't know who the manufacturer of the roof product was. I do know that the guy we bought this house from built it himself, oh, did I say he was a contractor? He cut many corners. All this being said, how large of a project (2900 sq. ft. home) is this going to be, what specifically should we do to make this right? Thanks-
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Some metal roofs can be installed that way but you must have good ventilation beneath them or you could spray the underside with icynene insulation. Generally I prefer metal roofs installed over decking because it is the most failsafe method but there are other options as well.
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