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i want to install metal roofing on my moblie home in upstate new york. i have a 12x60 trailer, it is about 30years old. the rafters are 2x6. i thought i might have to build it up with 2x4's just to get a bigger pitch. would i need to add plywood on top of the 2x4's or can the metal roof just be applied to the 2x4's. also will i need to use 2x4's to get the pitch or will the original rafters be enough? the roof is sort of a rounded dome. thank you
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You really need to select the product you wnat first and then back into what byou need to install it. Many metal roofs require a 3:12 or greater pitch. Very few metal roofs can go over arched roofs. Some metal roofs require solid decking while some can go over battens provided the area beneath is well vented to avoid condensation problems.
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