Isonine Insulation and Metal Roofing

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We are building a new home and considering either a 5v crimp (Semco) or standing seam (Englert 1300 Series) roof. There is an attic with 3/4 plywood over the trusses for the roof sheeting. We plan to spray isonine insulation under the sheeting, which of course means that the attic will not be ventalated. It will however, stay about 5 degrees warmer that the house. The house will have 8.5 tons of a/c that here in South Florida runs nearly year round. I am concerned about moisture. Is a metal roof compatable with isonine insulation and is one system better than the other?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
They are compatible, as loong as the icynene is done well. One would not be favorable to the other.
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Did you end up using isonine in your home? How did it turn out?
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