Oil Canning on new installation (surprise!)

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My new house is in the process of having a 26 gauge, 1" standing seam Galvalume roof installed. I went out to the job site yesterday and noticed that the main roof appears to have "oil canning" evenly spaced on every panel. Since it's evenly spaced I assume this is being caused by the fastening technique being used. The panels still on the ground are perfectly flat with no such bends. I'm a little surprised because my GC did not mention that this was a possibility and I've not seen anything like this on ANY metal roof homes in my town. The shorter garage roof does not have the same issue and looks very nice. Builders and roofers should really require the home owner to read and sign an acknowlegement stating that this phenomenon can occur so they are not blind-sided like I was. My only concern now is why does my new house have a totally "oil-canned' roof while none of the other homes I've seen do. John
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Have you talked to your contractor about perhaps using a backer rof behind the panels to put a bit of a crown in them and take up the oilcanning?
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Yeah this produt works for oil canning, I just recently used on a school and it took all most all of the oil can away. I think its called backer rod though.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Sorry ... yes ... backer rod
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Can you give more information about how the backer rod is installed under the panels?
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